Latest Version of Cyberoam Firmware Available

Cyberoam, a division of Elitecore Technologies, has announced the availability of advanced network security with the latest version of Cyberoam firmware.

With the current enhancements, Cyberoam offers greater control over user surfing through HTTPS URL filtering and increase in the web database categories to reflect emerging surfing trends. Further, it prevents data leakage and meets regulatory compliance requirements through reporting of HTTP uploads, detection of phone home spyware and multiple syslog server support.

HTTPS URL Filtering
Control over surfing through Web-based Proxies Cyberoam's HTTPS URL Filtering blocks web-based proxies and malicious websites hosted over SSL by categorising the domain names in its site database.

Through Cyberoam, businesses and educational institutions will now be able to block access to unauthorised websites hosted over SSL, protecting them from risks of failing regulatory compliance, data leakage, spread of malicious content and unproductive downloads through web-based proxy sites and applications.

Content Filtering Enhanced with 82+ categories Web usage trends show a significant rise in traffic to radio and TV content online in addition to download of software and other utilities for mobile phones. Cyberoam's Content Filtering has now added new URL categories, making it one of the most comprehensive category databases with 82+ categories to control access to emerging unproductive sites. This offers greater granular control to businesses, allowing them to control user access to newly added categories like 'AudioSearch' that blocks audio search, 'Internet/Radio/TV' that blocks websites which broadcast TV or Radio communication over the Internet, 'MobileEntertainment' that blocks download of software and other utilities for mobile phones, and many others.

Visibility of Documents Uploaded Over HTTP
Preventing Data Leakage Unchecked HTTP uploads by employees significantly contributes to data loss incidents that have reached 150 million since 2005. In addition to its existing ability to block upload of documents over HTTP, Cyberoam now reports filenames uploaded via webmail attachments or to storage sites. In doing so, it offers enhanced protection to businesses against data loss and leakage.

Another enhancement is the detection and prevention of phone home spyware by Cyberoam IPS, preventing spyware in the network from sending out sensitive data. It also gives details of the infected PC with user and the spyware application name, allowing businesses to take instant corrective action.

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