Webroot Software Unveils ‘The Webroot Giving Programme’

Webroot unveils 'The Webroot Giving Programme', the company's commitment to donate to worldwide beneficiaries. The first UK recipient of funds from 'The Webroot Giving Programme' is Capital 95.8's charity Help a London Child, which provides financial support to grass-root projects for London's less-advantaged and vulnerable children. Webroot has donated £1000 to the charity, chosen by the company's local employees. Based on three main principles, which are: matching individual employee donations; a quarterly corporate donation and employee Volunteer Day, 'The Webroot Giving Programme' has been set up to provide the company's formal global approach to individual and corporate charitable donations.

'The Webroot Giving Programme' has three forms:
· Webroot will match individual employee donations to any not-for-profit charity or organisation, up to and including £75 per employee per calendar year. With more than 450 employees worldwide, Webroot's potential to raise funds in this manner could result in a total charitable donation of over £33,000 per year.
· As part of the Webroot Corporate Donations programme, the company will donate up to £2500 per quarter to Webroot committee-approved charities who meet the benefit guidelines.
· Webroot will allow all employees to take a 'Volunteer Day', a paid day's leave from work as a way to support their community. Employees can choose how to volunteer their time. Some may want to help out at their children's school, some may want to volunteer within their church, some may want to assist with maintaining a community centre or delivering meals and some Webroot departments may want to take a day together to do volunteer work as a team building exercise.

The whole idea is to provide employees with support to aid them in their efforts.

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