Telsource Selects Metrix and 360 to Optimize Scheduling

Metrix announces that Telsource has selected the Metrix Advanced Scheduling, powered by 360, to improve productivity, cut costs and drive revenue.

Previously a manual process, Telsource will be using Metrix to optimize the schedules for their entire U.S. field service workforce. The solution will allow Telsource to increase the number of calls a technician can complete in a day and meet service level agreements, while drastically cutting travel and other service costs.

Metrix Advanced Scheduling, powered by 360 Scheduling, is a solution focused on getting the right resources to the right places on time at the lowest total cost. Using complex algorithms, the software analyzes multiple factors such as required skills, workload, penalties, part availability, cost per mile, response time, travel, business rules, etc. to produce the best possible plan. The real-time optimization engine instantly recalculates and updates schedules as conditions change.

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