NeoAccel Announces the VMware Version of Its SSL VPN-Plus

NeoAccel has announced the VMware version of its flagship product, SSL VPN-Plus. SSL VPN-Plus Gateway is the only 3rd Generation VPN able to replace IPSec and to supersede conventional SSL VPNs which suffer from the TCP-over-TCP meltdown and degraded client-server application performance.

NeoAccel's offering of SSL VPN-Plus under VMware consist of 3 separate options:
1) SSL VPN-Plus & NAC-Plus running on an existing VMware Server platform;
2) SSL VPN-Plus Evaluation Virtual Appliance for the VMware Player;
3) Globally Managed SSL VPN-Plus Farm for ASPs/MSPs/ISPs.

All versions of SSL VPN-Plus on VMware are fully functional SSL VPN-Plus gateways purposefully built as a zero administration IPsec replacement. Standard features include clientless & full access clients, End Point Security, GUI administration, Mobile VPN, Secure Desktop support and more. NeoAccel plans to expand its virtualization offering by making SSL VPN-Plus available for other virtualization architectures in the near future.

NeoAccel's SSL VPN-Plus is the only 3rd-Generation VPN to feature patented ICAA and TSSL technology that integrates encryption and specialized TCP/network switching into the kernel level of an operating system and eliminating TCP-over-TCP meltdown performance degradation. It delivers the performance of first generation VPNs (IPSec) with the ease-of-use of second generation VPNs (SSL VPN) to provide an in-office, wire-speed connection across any network environment. SSL VPN-Plus is an enterprise grade solution with a standard feature set that includes: End Point Security, Full Access Client, Portal Access, and Granular Access Control. Windows XP/Vista/CE Mobile, Linux, and Macintosh clients are fully supported.

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