Comodo Releases Update to Its Free Trustix Enterprise Firewall

Comodo has announced an updated release of Trustix Enterprise Firewall version 4.8.1 (TEF) - an enterprise class, open source LINUX-based free firewall solution. Comodo Trustix Firewall provides robust perimeter protection to corporate networks and delivers the highest levels of security and protection out-of-the-box. This firewall monitors network traffic and protects the network against unauthenticated traffic or login attempts which could inject Trojans, worms, or infected files into the network. This free, commercial version now incorporates a new anti-SPAM module for improved performance and security.

Trustix Enterprise Firewall is acclaimed for its innovative, drag-and-drop user interface which allows administrators to quickly set and modify complicated firewall settings such as De-Militarized Zones (DMZ's) without having to program using a command line. This powerful feature enables administrators to visualize and configure firewall policy, DMZ's (up to 24 zones), port forwarding, network address translation and virtual private network settings in a few mouse clicks. The underlying rules generated by the program are then fully optimized before being deployed, thereby optimizing the security and performance of your firewall's architecture, and avoiding errors and duplication.

Release 4.8.1 of Trustix Enterprise Firewall contains the following new features and improvements:
- High Availability & Load balancer: To avoid false fail-overs to a secondary server, the heartbeat communication informs the secondary server whether the primary server has failed is now duplicated on a serial interface. The server will only take over if both the Ethernet and serial interface heartbeats cease.
- Intrusion Detection System (IDS): Improvements to the client make it easier to remotely configure IDS settings and determine the source of Intrusions.
- VPN Connection: Additional Advanced Settings and other improvements make the system more configurable and easy to manage through a remote, VPN Connection.
- Improved Client GUI: Redesigned look and feel to improve ease of use and access to major features.

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