Logicalis to Demystify the Mainframe

Logicalis launches the UK's first IBM System z Workload Consolidation Test Environment. Hosted at Logicalis' state-of-the-art Innovation Centre, the Test Environment will allow enterprises to design and build a bespoke mainframe platform, in order that organisations can evaluate the economic and environmental potential of implementing a mainframe strategy.

"Though the mainframe remains a popular architecture for large enterprises and financial organisations, widespread adoption is still hindered from hype generated in the 90s by the distributed server industry", explains Martin Boakes, IBM System z specialist at Logicalis.

Boakes continues, "The mainframe's reputation as a costly and cumbersome technology is today replaced by a new breed of platform, which is beating distributed systems hands down when it comes to efficiency, cost and environmental credentials. By providing a free test environment, organisations can see for themselves the potential of a mainframe platform and establish whether this is the appropriate strategy to pursue."

Using IBM System z/VM, Linux OS and Oracle, the Test Environment is designed to demonstrate the technical flexibility and economic benefits of today's mainframe, specifically highlighting its capability as an ultra consolidation platform.

Says Boakes, "As well as reducing server sprawl, a mainframe is a great tool for software consolidation, which can help organisations slash their licensing costs and divert operational resource elsewhere. In this economic climate, it is these strategies that will enable IT directors to demonstrate long-term commercial leadership, whilst at the same time, seek innovative ways of driving down costs and increasing revenues across the business."

In addition, the Test Environment was built by a Unix programmer, with no prior mainframe experience, directly challenging the myth that organisations require specialist skills to implement and manage such a platform.

Chris Gabriel, marketing and solutions director at Logicalis comments, "The mainframe is here to stay, and whilst it might be considered old technology, it typifies everything the IT department is trying to achieve from a business' operational platform efficiency, dependability, and high utilisation. It's the only system that can operate at 100% capacity every day, is easy to manage, and can deliver immediate and long-term cost savings. It begs the question, is the mainframe the saviour of the credit crunch?"

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