Acxiom’s Dynamic Messenger Released

With industry email deliverability rates continuing to fall, spam filters ever more ruthless, and consumers becoming more discerning about email, marketers can now use Acxiom's Dynamic Messenger tool to target prospects more accurately. The solution, available now, allows users to create, deploy, manage and track the results of all outbound customer-facing email communications. This improves the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns and brings powerful reporting that incorporates key client ROI metrics.

As email is increasingly used as a touchpoint for customers and prospects in marketing campaigns, Acxiom's Dynamic Messenger solution also complements its IMPACT platform, caterering for complex customer retention and management programmes.

Using its account management expertise, Acxiom Dynamic Messenger clients can have their digital marketing collateral customised to target individual customer and prospects more effectively. Acxiom can make the challenge to marketers easier still by providing access to its database of over four million fully opted-in email consumer contacts. As one of the largest and most detailed files in the UK, it allows email addresses to be tied back to postal and other demographic information.

The Dynamic Messenger solution was developed by Acxiom partner Alterian, and is deployed by Acxiom's experienced account management team. It is available now.

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