MrTed Completes Migration to Its New Data Center in Geneva

MrTed has announced the completion and successful migration of their primary data centre to Interoute in Geneva for MrTed's core solution, MrTedTalentLink.

MrTed chose Interoute in Switzerland, Geneva because of their global infrastructure and its forward thinking approach to platform architecture, design and security. Interoute impressed MrTed with its optimisation approach towards operational efficiency, availability, security and its ability to react quickly as our business needs change. The technology and services delivered by its data centres meets MrTed's business requirements today and offers the scalability to grow as MrTed's business evolves rapidly.

The brand new state-of-the-art data centre is designed to handle increasing volumes of data, provides extremely high availability and enhanced data replication. It can, withstand any single outage as well as multiple disastrous events to enhance the system security standard further for the MrTedTalentLink applications. It is a showcase implementation of a modern data centre with nearly 250 unique devices implemented. The new MrTed infrastructure is based on a farm of the latest version SUN Microsystems SPARC Enterprise Servers, operates with CISCO Firewalls, switches and load balancers and contains multiple SUN StorageTek storage arrays. MrTed's secondary data centre in Cologne is operating as a data disaster recovery space for daily back up routines and disaster recovery procedures.

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