SightSpeed Powers New ‘Dell Video Chat’ Application

SightSpeed has teamed up with Dell to deliver "Dell Video Chat", an easy-to-use communications application now being bundled with Dell's new Studio laptops.

Video chat is gaining acceptance as a great way to stay in touch with friends and family across the country or the globe. SightSpeed has been widely recognized by the industry for delivering best-in class video chat capability that works across multiple platforms including Windows, Apple and Linux. The application also includes instant messaging and Internet voice phone capability for a full suite of communications options.

Delivering a simple, easy to use communications experience that is intuitive was a top priority. The application is pre-installed on the systems and is activated with one mouse click. SightSpeed has also made it easy for users to share the application with their friends and family who can simply download the "invitee" client program by visiting this page.

Dell Video Chat powered by SightSpeed will include the following features:
· A completely redesigned and streamlined Dell user interface;
· Free, unlimited video chat worldwide;
· Free, unlimited voice chat worldwide;
· Free, unlimited text chat worldwide;
· 4-Way Group Chat (voice, video or text);
· Low-rate worldwide calling to ordinary phones – 2 cents per minute in the United States and Canada;
· 5 minutes of free phone calling is included with every Dell system;
· The ability to purchase custom phone numbers and area codes;
· Presence indicators;
· Message Center: All video/voice calls Inbox;
· High-quality Video Mail;
· Video Mail recording of up to 3 minutes;
· Storage of an unlimited number of Video Mail messages;
· Notification of missed calls and receipt of Voice/Video mail and e-mail;
· Reporting of Video/Voice call history.

Because SightSpeed is based completely on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and global standards for setting up and ending voice and video calls over the Internet, it has the distinction of working across the widest variety of computing platforms. As a result, users will easily be able to conduct video, voice and/or text chat with users of devices on any platform.

SightSpeed offers the highest-quality, full-motion, 30-frames-per-second video with clear audio and no delay; it delivers a superior video and audio experience with low to no latency over variable bandwidth conditions. SightSpeed's patented technology provides superior rate control for any bandwidth, handling of firewalls and video-codec optimization.

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