Veveo Launches vtap Service

Veveo launches vtap, a new web video experience for mobile users all over the UK and Europe. For the first time video lovers will be able to search through over 150 million web videos via vtap, a unique mobile web video search service that allows consumers to quickly and easily search, view and save relevant web videos from any source on the Internet on any imaginable topic, tailored to their individual preferences on their preferred device(s).

In addition, by using vtap's unique personalised collecting and sharing feature, vtap Feed, you can create a personal profile that allows you to detail your preferences and receive relevant videos from vtap whenever something new appears on the Internet. It also links with social networks such as Facebook and MySpace, allowing you to link your preferences with your vtap Feed search. Now you really can see and share the best of web video from any source on any imaginable topic, tailored to your individual preferences and on the device of your choice.

So whether you're a Nickelback lover or just want to keep up to date with the latest Amy Winehouse gossip, vtap allows you to search for video anywhere on the internet including popular sites like YouTube and Google Video, using their existing data services and without expensive download costs. vtap's unique incremental search feature allows users to begin receiving search results instantly, the moment they type the first character. The results are then refined as more characters are entered, allowing users to quickly find what they want without entering full keywords or phrases from constrained keypads.

Browsing on vtap is really intuitive; it automatically groups video results together logically into easy-to-browse folders. This allows users to create menus to find and enjoy the most relevant video content on their mobile handsets. vtap Feed also links to their social network preferences. Search can be based on personal and social preferences and interaction with social networks such as Facebook and MySpace, with videos pulled straight to their mobile phones.

To ensure that users have access to the most current, timely and relevant web video at their fingertips, vtap maintains a comprehensive index of more than 150 million web videos that is continually updated. Once you set up a profile you can collect, organise and share video as you choose, whilst vtap remembers what you like to watch and saves your favourites.

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