Teneros and ETC Announce a Distribution Agreement

Teneros has signed a distribution agreement for its products in the UK and EU markets with ETC and Interchange the two distribution brands of Specialist Computer Holdings. As one of the UK's largest distributors this announcement means that UK businesses operating Microsoft Exchange will be able to benefit from Teneros' appliances that provide local high availability and remote disaster recovery for 24/7 email continuity. Having recently acquired VC funding of USD40m to drive global business expansion, Teneros already has several high profile customers in the UK including the Royal College of Physicians, London.

Email system downtime creates major headaches for many companies, directly impacting business operations, revenue generation, customer service, and employee productivity. An estimated two-thirds of all companies use Microsoft Exchange for their e-mail, and even a few hours of downtime a year can cost businesses dearly both in terms of revenue and employee productivity costs. In addition, existing solutions for ensuring Microsoft Exchange uptime involve IT staff conducting a multi-vendor science project to install and setup and then performing time-consuming regular maintenance. Teneros offers a comprehensive, single-vendor solution, deployed as a remotely managed appliance that makes it easy for companies to assure 24x7 Exchange continuity.

The Teneros Application Continuity Appliances for Microsoft Exchange maintain an ongoing object-level backup of the Exchange mail store. The data is filtered for corruption during the replication process, guaranteeing you a corruption free, high integrity copy of your email data on the Teneros appliance. When an Exchange server problem or failure is detected by the Teneros appliance, the Teneros appliance performs an Instant-On failover and begins serving end-users with no disruption in email service or functionality for end-users. Each Teneros appliance protects a single Exchange server and can be deployed equally effectively at headquarters, branch offices, or a disaster recovery site. The Teneros appliances require no intrusive software installations or configuration changes on the Exchange server.

The Teneros Application Continuity Appliances for Microsoft Exchange 2003 and 2007 enable businesses to deploy a comprehensive, cost-effective continuity solution for mission critical Microsoft Exchange.

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