HP Unveils New Customizable Desktop PCs

HP has unveiled new customizable desktop PCs that offer a wide range of personalized features and options to fit the needs of every consumer. The company has also announced the availability of a digital storage device, the HP Media Vault mv2120, which is designed to store, protect and share digital media, as well as advanced monitors and accessories to enhance the digital lifestyle. Whether desiring a faster processor for casual gaming or more hard drive space for storing photos, consumers can mix and match the options that appeal to their individual interests to create a dream PC with HP's new customizable desktops.

For the ultimate entertainment experience, HP offers the HP Pavilion Elite m9200t customizable PC. The m9200t features the HP Easy Backup button to quickly back up files as well as a variety of options including up to a 1 terabyte hard drive and a Blu-ray DVD writer. Extra storage options include two built-in drive bays for backing up photos, music and videos.

The new HP Pavilion a6460t customizable PC is ENERGY STAR qualified and features an 80 PLUS power supply to help consumers save money and lessen their impact on the environment. In addition, the a6460t offers powerful computing and captivating entertainment options, with an available Intel Core 2 Quad Processor, wireless LAN card and a TV tuner to watch, record and pause live TV.

For those seeking a high-productivity PC at a superb value, HP offers the enhanced HP Pavilion a6400z customizable PC. The a6400z can be configured for as low as $299 with a 1.8 GHz AMD Dual-Core Processor, NVIDIA GeForce 6150 graphics cards, 1 GB of memory and a 250 GB hard drive. Additionally, every HP Pavilion PC includes tools to make it more fun and convenient to work with digital photos and video clips.

The Compaq Presario line of retail desktop PCs also has been updated to include the Compaq Presario SR5450F, which offers a front-panel 15-in-1 memory card reader, 2 GB of memory and Intel Pentium Dual-Core Processor for under $500.

HP Media Vault mv2120

Consumers are living increasingly digital lifestyles and accumulating rising amounts of digital photos, music, videos and other content. In fact, Coughlin & Associates Inc. estimates that by 2013 the average home will require 9 TB storage capacity, of which 5 TB will be needed for commercial digital downloads of music, videos and photos.

To make it simple for consumers to protect, share and connect to their digital content and Internet entertainment from home or on the go HP offers the HP Media Vault mv2120. This is the first in a new category of affordable, easy-to-use products for the central storage, content sharing and backup of all computers on a home or small business network. The mv2120 can be set to automatically back up important media and digital files weekly, daily or continuously as often as needed.

This pioneering product also offers some of the features found in the HP MediaSmart Server, including Photo Webshare, iTunes server and remote access. With Photo Webshare, consumers can create a photo-sharing website on the Media Vault, and with iTunes server, they can centralize their iTunes music library for playback on any computer running iTunes on the network.

Remote access grants designated users enhanced security for accessing important files on the network from any Internet-connected computer, even while outside of the home or office. Additionally, the mv2120 offers exceptionally low power consumption and a smart energy-saving drive spin down feature.

The mv2120 ships with 500 GB capacity and can benefit individuals and small businesses with fewer than 10 employees. HP also recently introduced the HP Media Vault mv5100 Pro series, available in 1 TB and 1.5 TB capacities, which is specifically targeted to small businesses.

To accompany its new desktop PCs, HP has introduced the HP w1707 Vivid Color 17-inch diagonal flat-panel monitor. This sleek monitor offers a high-quality widescreen picture with a BrightView panel and more viewing area for computer games, spreadsheets and web pages.

HP has also announced the new, elegantly designed HP Elite Autofocus Webcam, which makes it fun and easy to chat face-to-face over the Internet, record videos and snap high-resolution photos. With up to 12-megapixel still photo resolution using a 3-megapixel core sensor with autofocus, the webcam lets consumers stay in touch with friends and family.

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