Telephonetics VIP Releases Whitepaper on Automated Appointment and Event Reminders

Telephonetics VIP, the UK based speech automation and recognition specialist, has released a whitepaper discussing the opportunity to use automated appointment and event reminders.

Non-attendance of appointments or events is not only very inconvenient for the service provider but can also be very costly. For example, research has shown the average cost of a missed appointment for the NHS is 130. Multiply that by thousands or even millions of missed appointments and the extent of the problem is readily apparent. Finding a successful method of combating this issue increasingly proves a challenge.

The whitepaper explores the factors leading to increased attendance rates and examines how automation can facilitate this process, including the benefits offered compared to manual reminders. In the context of this discussion, the whitepaper introduces a new product called Remind+.

Remind+ from Telephonetics VIP is a messaging solution that enables organisations to automatically call patients or customers to jog their memory about appointments or events. It can then ask the person to respond to a question to confirm whether they will attend or not, and log their response. The customer is reminded about their appointment so they are more likely to attend, and importantly this enables organisations to rebook appointment slots that would not otherwise be used.

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