Mitsubishi Announces 500 Series of Projectors

Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America's Presentation Products Division has announced its 500 family of projectors that boast Texas Instruments' new DDP 2230 DMD chip with DLP technology and the latest version of BrilliantColor.

This combination, along with Mitsubishi's implementation of its dynamic lamp power design, enhances and improves overall color performance while keeping the total cost of ownership low. Additionally Mitsubishi is offering a generous one-year limited warranty on its lamp, making the Mitsubishi 500 family of projectors even more economical.

Mitsubishi's 500 series includes XGA (1024 x 768 pixels) projectors with its XD500U at 2200 lumens; XD510U at 2600 lumens; XD520U at 3000 lumens; and an SVGA (800 x 600) model, SD510U at 2200 lumens. These new 500 family projectors are designed to perfectly match brightness requirements in boardrooms, offices, classrooms and other well-lit environments. Each projector in the family has a six-segment color wheel (R, G, B, W, Y, C) that provides dazzling overall color, while its Color Enhancer2 with dynamic lamp power design is an intelligent system that automatically adjusts light output for the most vibrant color performance for any slide or video scene.

These filter-free projectors have a center lens design and convenient top-loading lamp, which makes installation and lamp replacement simple and easy. Color wall support allows users to select a particular surface color including beige, blue, green, pink, blackboard or the new whiteboard setting that helps eliminate hotspots. Once the color is chosen, the projector automatically adjusts its output to create the best image possible for that background or base color surface, making set up in classrooms and conference rooms a breeze.

Each projector in the 500 family provides separate audio inputs for computer and video, dual computer inputs and a monitor loop through to maximize set up and installation options, as well as RS232 for remote projector management. A splash screen, password protection and reinforced anti-theft security bar help create peace of mind for security-conscious users.

Mitsubishi's XD500U, XD510U, and SD510U are targeted to ship this month.

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