Leeds Carnegie Scores a Website Makeover with RedDot

Outsourcing removed with access and control for multiple users - Leeds Metropolitan University has turned to RedDot, Open Text's web solutions group, to roll out its Content Management System (CMS) for new partners, Leeds Carnegie rugby club.

Using RedDot's CMS, the Leeds Carnegie's editorial team will now be able to control and manage content on their website, eliminating the need to outsource its website management to third parties, cutting costs and reducing delays with content publishing.

The extension of RedDot's CMS will also allow the Leeds Carnegie website to use the software's import manager functionality to automate the publishing of scores, fixture lists, tables and RSS news feeds. This will not only transform the website but will also improve the efficiency and speed with which content is published online.

RedDot's CMS empowers staff from both technical and non-technical backgrounds to supply and manipulate web content in a user-friendly and flexible way. A wide range of editors across a company can affect the look, feel and corporate identity of a website by accessing, providing and editing its content.

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