Troux Technologies Announces the Release of Troux 7.1

Troux Technologies has announced the release of Troux 7.1, the latest version of its software products and platform that accelerate the pace of business and IT transformations through improved strategic IT planning.

The release of Troux 7 in the autumn of 2007 ushered in a period of rapid adoption by some of the most recognised brands in the international business community. Troux worked closely with these companies to identify the most useful and innovative business and IT transformations including: Application Consolidation; Application Reduction; SOA Investment Planning; IT Simplification; IT Standards Management; Outsourcing; and Infrastructure Consolidation.

Troux 7.1 now provides new out-of-the box support to accelerate these use cases and continues to arm organisations with immediate access to reliable intelligence, improved organisational insight, as well as the ability to conduct impact analysis through risk-free scenario planning.

Troux 7.1 has been enhanced with a host of new capabilities, from new decision-support functionality to collaborative tools, integrations and an array of new reports.

New Product Enhancements:
- Decision Support: Among the compelling additions to Troux 7.1 are Flash-based visualisations (heat maps, base maps, and cluster maps) that spur operational insight and provide decision makers with tools to increase the agility of strategic IT planning.
- Web-based Collaboration for IT Planners: Troux 7.1 provides a rich collaborative work environment that allows users to create discussion threads and relate them to objects within the data repository. Known as Troux Collaboration, this "journaling" functionality increases productivity for teams working together by providing a continuous record of changes and decisions.
- Out-of-the-box insight and impact analysis reports: Troux Applications adds new reports to support the roles of executive management and portfolio planners. These reports empower decision makers with valuable intelligence they need to execute transformations. Additionally, Troux 7.1 has a new "opportunity finder" that enables planners to look deeply into the organisation to uncover opportunities for optimisation.
- Enterprise Fit: Troux 7.1 easily integrates into existing IT ecosystems. For example, it now supports integration with BPA tools such as Visual Paradigm, enabling customers to bring their business architecture into Troux using Business Process Management standards. Also, Troux Intelligence - Troux's business intelligence engine for IT - now integrates directly with SAP's Business Objects and IBM's Cognos business intelligence software.
- Data Quality and Productivity: Troux Integrity allows notifications to users and reminds them of obligations to refresh data for which they're responsible. This new functionality ensures the high data quality necessary to support strategic IT decision making with confidence in the accuracy and freshness of the information.
- Integration: Troux Applications integrates seamlessly with Troux Standards allowing customers to identify infrastructure-related portfolio risk.

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