Ingres Announces the Creation of Ingres CAFÉ

Ingres has announced the creation of Ingres CAFÉ (Consolidated Application Foundation for Eclipse), which brings together in one bundle all the components developers need to create and deploy rich Java applications built using the Eclipse Foundation's open source development framework.

Built over the last year, Ingres CAFÉ is an open source community contributed project spearheaded by Samrat Dhillon, a graduate student at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.

Ingres CAFÉ bundles the Eclipse IDE, Ingres DBMS, Apache Tomcat, Hibernate and JSF libraries into a single installable package complete with quick start documentation and integrated maintenance, as well as a demonstration program so developers can learn by example. Ingres CAFÉ includes a version of the Eclipse Framework and will include the Ingres Eclipse DTP (Data Tools Platform) plug-in which was designed with developer productivity in mind, incorporating rich functionality of the tool while maintaining a consistent way of working. The Ingres DTP also provides for support of querying of data, the ability to run SQL statements by simply highlighting the statement text, direct editing of table data and database procedure code, and the ability to execute and get results from row producing database procedures. These assist developers to become productive immediately with Eclipse and Ingres. Maintenance is integrated as well, providing easy access to the latest updates and patches.

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