BroadSoft Launches BroadSoft Xtended

BroadSoft has announced BroadSoft Xtended, an initiative created to highlight the integration of voice and Web 2.0 technologies. The initiative drives new innovative applications into the hands of BroadWorks VoIP application platform service providers and end-users by making them available online through the establishment of the BroadSoft Xtended Marketplace, the first of its kind for the telecommunications industry. Through the Xtended Marketplace, customers will be able to download and gain information about new technologies available for integration with BroadWorks.

The BroadWorks VoIP platform is used by hundreds of telecom service providers to deliver advanced voice features to business and residential customers. With BroadSoft Xtended, the BroadWorks platform becomes infinitely more valuable to service providers and end-users by integrating voice into popular applications and Web services through application mash-ups.

The BroadSoft Xtended initiative has attracted the interest of leading technology companies including and Simulscribe, as well as developers and partners who have created integrated solutions for popular business and consumer applications, including WebEx, Facebook, and ACT! by Sage. These new mashups with BroadWorks calling features are available on the Xtended Marketplace, a community where service providers and end-users alike can access applications, participate in discussion forums and share integration ideas with developers. The first iteration of the Xtended Marketplace features new applications, which are available for download.

Major telecommunications companies including Sprint, Telefonica de Espana, Verizon and Cox Communications use BroadSoft's carrier-grade VoIP technologies to deliver advanced voice and video calling services to enterprises and consumers. BroadSoft Xtended enables service providers to extend their voice services into social network and business applications used daily by customers.

Developers can leverage the Xtended Marketplace to license their mashups to service providers or to the worldwide end-user base that receives BroadWorks-based voice services. Later this spring, the BroadSoft Xtended Marketplace will introduce an e-commerce engine to facilitate the purchasing of mashup apps.

Some of the solutions available on the BroadSoft Xtended Marketplace today are: Created by BroadSoft, the Unified Connector for Salesforce integrates BroadWorks calling features into this CRM application, allowing click-to-dial and other call management functionality.
Facebook Widget: The ClicktoMessage Facebook widget, created by, allows users to enable friends in their network to call them on their home, mobile or PC-based phone.
WebEx integration: Litescape Technologies' OnCast integrates WebEx collaboration services with Salesforce and BroadWorks through One-Touch Web Conferencing, allowing users to join or create WebEx meetings with one touch from phones or PCs.
ACT! by Sage: C3IP Communications created this mashup for ACT! by Sage contact management software that enables call management capabilities within ACT!, including click-to-dial and automatic screen pops from CRM database records based on caller ID. ACT! has nearly 3 million registered users.
SimulScribe: Integrated with BroadWorks, SimulScribe's voicemail-to-text service allows users to read their voicemail messages via e-mail.
Polycom: The Polycom Productivity Suite enables users to record calls, visually manage conference calls and access corporate directories all from Polycom's SoundPoint IP desktop phones.

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