Concurrent Announces New MediaHawk Software Release

Concurrent announces the release of new software for the MediaHawk 4500 video-on-demand server. The upgraded release increases output for the MH4500 to 2,300 streams (standard definition content @ 3.75 Mbps), a 40% increase in output from the server's initial release in January 2007, while supporting additional NGOD (next generation on-demand) requirements.

The new software release supports many additional NGOD specifications, broadening the NGOD support already available in earlier releases. The MediaHawk 4500 is also ISA and RTSP compliant, and has been commercially deployed in both NGOD and ISA based VOD configurations supporting advanced on-demand applications such as the time-shifted TV service "Start Over."

Even with the dramatic increase in streaming capabilities, the MediaHawk 4500 still requires only a 2RU enclosure, enabling on-demand complexes scaling up to hundreds of thousands of streams with minimized footprint and power consumption. The multi-level memory cache approach and economical commercial hardware design allow service providers to employ scalable, pay-as-you-grow deployment models. Reliability is greatly enhanced with Concurrent's Gatling Resilient Streaming Technology, which automatically detects failures and instantly routes stream demands to alternate resources in order to prevent any loss of VOD sessions. When combined with the MediaCache 1000, Concurrent's flash SSD (solid state drives) storage product, the MediaHawk 4500 provides an additional level of reliability while lowering maintenance costs.

Concurrent plans to begin immediate shipment of the MediaHawk 4500 with the new software.

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