Rolls-Royce Marine and ICD AS Enter Three Year Agreement

Rolls-Royce Marine and Integrated Control Design AS (ICD) of Ålesund, Norway, has entered into a new three-year agreement. The agreement includes use of the computer middleware CDP as well as project work and software specific support.

Industrial Control Design is a small technology company with offices at Ålesund Kunnskapspark. It is a member of the Norwegian Center of Expertise-Maritime. This North-Western part of Norway is seeing rapid growth within development of advanced electronics- and computer based control systems.

Rolls-Royce Marine has chosen CDP as an integral part of its Common Control platform. Rolls-Royce puts emphasis on standardising the use of software and hardware. The Marine branch has progressed far in this aspect, putting emphasis on choosing components and sub-contractors that display stability, are robust and give fast response when called upon.

Rolls-Royce today uses CDP in maritime applications, winch and crane control, dynamic positioning and other critical processes aboard offshore boats.

The products have built-in redundancy and a simple method for removing and adding components in a running system. Because of this, ICDs solutions have been preferred for Rolls-Royce's most critical systems.

Large, critical systems require thorough testing. This is where CDP excels with excellent facilitation for HIL (Hardware-In-the-Loop) testing, where you can replace an existing component with a computer generated signal. In this way, procedures and processes can be tested with the system running, without the risk of endangering equipment or personnel. CDP is an integrated tool for development, programming, testing and maintenance of advanced control systems. As the only one of its kind, this tool has everything that is needed in this type of development process.

ICDs customers come from the international area, making international recruitment crucial.

ICD is currently looking for qualified personnel throughout the EU. This is to ensure that all customers have access to well qualified support personnel, and also to ensure that demand for system design services is met.

ICD has recently committed to a partnership agreement with Trolltech. Trolltech, which was recently bought by Nokia, creates programming tools that can be used to supplement CDP. This makes it easier for customers such as Rolls-Royce to develop user interfaces that are customised for individual customers.

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