New Comply Earphones Enhance the Travel Experience

Military-grade noise reduction is now available to weary travelers and consumers alike thanks to Hearing Components' Comply NR-10 High Tech Noise Reducing Earphones. Utilizing the same patented technology used by U.S. Army helicopter crews and Special Forces, the NR-10 earphones offer superior noise reduction by preventing outside noise from interfering with the audio experience. Engineered to maximize bass response and deliver superior sound quality, the earphones are proven to deliver 48 decibels of noise reduction. This technology blocks out more noise than the leading active noise cancellation earphones. Unlike active "noise canceling" headphones, this passive noise reduction technology incorporated into the Comply NR-10 earphones does not require separate batteries.

The noise reduction is a product of the patented Comply Foam Tips (P-Version) using ultra-soft memory foam which conforms to the user's ear canal, providing amazing comfort and a secure in-ear fit. The Comply NR-10 earphones feature:
- Passive noise reduction at an average of 48dB or better;
- A frequency range of 20Hz to 20,000 Hz;
- Impedance of 16 Ohms;
- A 43-inch cable with a 1/8 inch gold-plated stereo plug (3.5mm);
- Integrated volume control;
- Comply Foam Tips (P-Version).

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