Maxwell Systems Releases Quest Earthwork 7.5

Maxwell Systems announces Maxwell Systems Quest Earthwork 7.5, the latest release of its earth-measuring software. This version of Maxwell Systems' cut and fill program contains a significant new enhancement the incorporation of machine control capabilities.

With this release, Quest Earthwork users can experience significant benefits with the latest laser, GPS and machine control applications. Quest Earthwork 7.5 integrates directly with machine control systems by exporting data in the required file formats, including TTM (Trimble), TN3 (Topcon) and the new AutoCAD exports for Triangulation, Areas and Contours.

Once an estimator has determined cut and fill quantities and proposed grades in Quest Earthwork, the information is converted to a format compatible for machine control. Estimators can then adjust the data in the machine control manufacturer's software or AutoCAD. That data can be saved on a CD-ROM or portable storage device, and sent out to an equipment operator at a jobsite. After the operator inserts the data into the equipment's onboard computer, the equipment takes its commands directly from the machine control program and completes the job with the utmost accuracy.

Quest Earthwork users now have the ability to view the entire site, or pinpoint exact sub-grade areas and contours for staking, layout and machine control. These features give contractors more control of their projects, eliminating the time and money otherwise spent on third-party software packages or on hiring a staking crew every time a change is made to a site.

The enhanced features of Quest Earthwork 7.5 include the following:
- Cut and Fill with Ease: Enables contractors to measure cut and fill quantities in record time, and instantly gain access to site information that manual methods cannot provide as efficiently.
- Enhanced Takeoff Capabilities: In addition, takeoff can easily be completed by tracing plans using a stylus pen (once for existing elevations and a second time for proposed elevations) to generate accurate cut and fill quantities. Furthermore, Quest Earthwork 7.5 is a self-contained application that allows for plan view takeoff, which is easy to read, and gives the estimator a superior overall view of the worksite for total control with each job. Other Quest Earthwork 7.5 takeoff features include Linear Foot takeoff for items such as pipe, fencing, and curbs, and Count Item takeoff capabilities for manholes, catch basins and other items.
- Innovative Trench Features: The program includes a Trench Templates feature, which incorporates Vertical, V-shape, T-shape, Y-shape and various other templates. The program also allows estimators to create their own trench templates as needed, and save them for future jobs with similar structures. These trenchwork features enable the estimator to view cut and fill totals on a single summary screen, helping increase efficiency by saving time from switching between separate trenchwork and earth-measuring programs.
- Organized Operations: The program can also import AutoCAD files, saving the estimator from manually digitizing the plans. Quest Earthwork 7.5 can also handle multiple sheets and works with any known scale, in both Imperial or metric units.

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