Edge Associates Announces Agreement with Wisdomforce

Edge Associates (UK) Limited has signed an agreement with WisdomForce, a Washington, US company to distribute, install, and support its FastReader product in the UK.

FastReader is an Oracle database extraction and migration tool for use in heterogeneous database environments. It supports high-speed loading for all the major database platforms, including: Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Teradata and Netezza. FastReader also support most operating systems and hardware platforms.

FastReader is more than twenty times faster than UTL_FILE or SQL*Plus spool for full table unload methods of data extraction. This translates into a huge reduction in latency from source system to data warehouse end-user. FastReader's highly optimised, parallel processing architecture minimises the CPU load, a real benefit to database administrators managing highly stressed resources. It can be applied to data migration, propagation and archiving tasks, and when combined with its native 'on-the-fly' compression and extraction capability, delivers a significant reduction in network utilisation. FastReader also offers a portable data extraction format that can be loaded to any target environment.

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