DivX Certifies More Blu-ray DVD Players

DivX has granted DivX Certification to six new Blu-ray DVD players from Panasonic, Philips, and Denon. The new DivX Certified DVD models join the world's best-selling Blu-ray playback device, PlayStation 3, which has been capable of DivX playback since December, 2007. The growth of DivX technology in the emerging Blu-ray market demonstrates growing traction of the Company's licensing business into new product categories.

Now, consumers can take advantage of Blu-ray technology to store and playback over 25 hours of DVD-quality video on a single Blu-ray disc. Newly certified DVD players include devices from Panasonic (Model: DMP-BD30EE), Philips (Model: BDP7200) and Denon (Models: DVD-2500BTC1B, DVD-3800BDC1B, DVD-3800BDSP and DVD-2500BTSP).

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