Cogent Selects IFL to Host Tier 1 Network Expansion in Manchester

IFL (Internet Facilitators Limited) has signed a multi-year contract to host critical network infrastructure for Tier 1 Internet Service Provider Cogent Communications within their IFL2 Manchester Data Centre.

Cogent is a multinational Internet Service Provider consistently ranked as one of the top five networks in the world and is one of the lowest priced, highest quality providers of Internet access and data transport services. These services are offered over an 80-180 Gbps fibre optic, IP data-only network. Cogent's network backbone spans over 26,500 miles, connecting to an additional 10,500 miles of metro networks. Cogent serves two customer segments; "NetCentric" (access providers and content providers whose businesses rely primarily on Internet access) and "Corporate" (small businesses to Fortune 100 company end-users).

IFL, Manchester's largest carrier neutral colocation service provider, is hosting Cogent's equipment within their latest 15,000sq ft IFL2 data centre. The hosting solution includes rack space within a secure caged environment with dual power supplies, protected by high capacity N+1, environmentally friendly and energy efficient infrastructure.

The news brings increased possibilities for businesses looking for Tier 1 connectivity, reduced bandwidth pricing, and data centre solutions north of London.

Cogent's network carries over 10 Petabytes per day across its network and Cogent believes it is the second largest carrier of Internet traffic in the world with approximately 15% of Internet traffic crossing its network. Cogent operates one of the highest capacity IP networks in existence and its facilities-based, all-optical IP network backbone provides IP services throughout North America and Europe. This network, now present at IFL, enables Cogent to offer large bandwidth connections at industry-leading prices to IFL customers.

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