SOGEI Invests in BDNA

SOGEI, the organisation responsible for IT at the Italian Ministry of Finance, has selected a global IT inventory solution from BDNA to manage over 50,000 assets within the Agenzia delle Entrate and Agenzia delle Dogane, Italy's Inland Revenue and customs departments. The deal, won with BDNA's Italian distributor Daman and systems integrator Energent SpA, is worth 1.35 million Euros.

BDNA Inventory will provide Sogei with a detailed view of the Agenzias' IT infrastructure. The solution delivers rapid, comprehensive information such as usage statistics and maintenance agreements for all devices, operating systems, peripherals and storage and software applications. By integrating the resulting data with the BDNA Catalog of market data, BDNA Inventory will also enable Sogei to categorise, analyse and manage the Agenzias' IT assets and vendor relationships. Detailed reports generated by the analytics engine will help to support technology governance and future investment decisions.

Data gathered using BDNA Inventory will subsequently be integrated into the Agenzias' HP Peregrine and BMC CMDBs (Configuration Management Database).

BDNA was selected following a European public tender in which more than 14 companies participated, including most large system integrators and asset management software vendors. BDNA Inventory was selected for its ease of use offering plug and play implementation, with no need for agent intervention. The solution also has detailed hardware and software configuration capabilities and offers easy integration into the CMDB.

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