Trend Micro Introduces Trend Micro Message Archiver

Trend Micro announces today its message archiving solution designed to help companies archive with accessibility and encryption, reduce email management costs, and protect and preserve the integrity of their electronic data.

Trend Micro Message Archiver (TMMA) delivers a fast, on-demand email search capability so employees can quickly access any archived email without leaving Microsoft Outlook, or the need for IT support; installation time averages 30 minutes. The solution's tamper-resistant design, combined with forensics technology that uses digital fingerprinting and encryption, ensures that emails are authentic and un-altered for automatic legal compliance. In today's regulatory environment, this is a critical component and another reason why analysts predict the message archiving market will reach $1.37 billion in 2011.

In a recent survey of IT administrators for mid-size companies, more than three quarters of them cite privacy safeguards to be especially important in an email archiving solution. Trend Micro Message Archiver's "privacy-guard", a distinctive feature compared to other solutions, tracks and logs email searches by authorized users and sends an audit of them to a designated "data guardian" in order to safeguard employee privacy. Privacy-guard avoids potential abuse by privileged users and guarantees email searches occur for valid purposes.

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