bhv Releases Homepage Maker 6

Homepage Maker 6, a new range of web building tools from bhv, will enable users of all levels and abilities to easily create, update and maintain a great looking, functional website. Whether it's a small business venture or simply as a hobby to stay in touch with friends and family, both Homepage Maker 6 Ultimate and Homepage Maker 6 Express guide you through the process and require no previous web building knowledge.

Homepage Maker 6 includes the option to work on a website from a home PC or online from any location, meaning it is always accessible and can be kept up to date from anywhere in the world. This will help to overcome one of the main problems with site maintenance where the content is left unchanged for long periods of time. Homepage Maker's content management system will provide the tools and the access to update the site regularly to improve its 'stickiness' and to ensure your visitors keep coming back.

Homepage Maker 6 Ultimate

Homepage Maker 6 Ultimate provides businesses and advanced users with professional looking websites from a wide range of 150 design templates and all the necessary tools for marketing and e-commerce. It handles all financial transactions from customers and provides access to detailed site statistics for marketing purposes. Sites are also fully protected and safely backed up, so there are no concerns about hackers or thieves.

There is also the option to work on the site with up to 3 other users simultaneously, so it can be constantly and effectively updated. The site can be kept fully interactive with the latest technology and includes features such as chat rooms, RSS feeds, blogs and newsletters; support for the site can also be viewed on mobile phones and PDA devices. Time controlled content also allows information to be displayed when you decide.

Homepage Maker 6 Express

Homepage Maker 6 Express is a great way to create a website to keep in touch with family or friends, display personal photos and videos or express an interest or hobby. 50 professionally designed templates, a guestbook, media library, Flash video player and pop up images all ensure that the website appears engaging and interesting.

Compatible with all common internet browsers, Homepage Maker 6 Express is the ideal website package for beginners, as the integrated designer function quickly creates graphical elements such as buttons and banners, for an effortless but eye-catching page. The WYSIWYG editor, easy to use wizards and preview screens means there are no surprises when the website is viewed later on.

Homepage Maker 6 Express and Homepage Maker 6 Ultimate are compatible with Windows 2000 / XP / Vista, modern web browser, IBM compatible PC with CPU Pentium 266 MHz or higher, PPC, 64 MB of RAM.

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