Neptuny Presents ContentWise SaaS Edition at IPTV World Forum

Neptuny is launching ContentWise SaaS (Software as a Service) edition to enable smaller IPTV operators, Web TV-VOD Portals to take advantage of Neptuny's predictive content recommendation system. ContentWise generates recommendations tailored to the individual preferences and behaviour of IPTV customers based on user taste and media content metatdata. Offering ContentWise on a Software as a Service basis, enables smaller operators to use the powerful features used by larger operators without investing in additional infrastructure. ContentWise SaaS Edition will be launched at the IPTV World Forum in London from 12th 14th March 2008.

Poor customer retention caused by users' frustration from trying to find appropriate content can be a big problem for all providers in the new digital TV sector. To prevent smaller IPTV providers or WebTV portals from losing dissatisfied customers Neptuny have developed a recommendation system that allows these smaller providers to also offer their users content tailored to their preferences. Smaller providers of IPTV and WebTV-VOD who use ContentWise SaaS edition will integrate with Neptuny's highly-available fully redundant carrier-grade infrastructure and therefore do not have to buy and manage any additional hardware themselves. Neptuny also provide strong authentication and security mechanisms, in the SaaS version, to protect the provider's data and Neptuny will also manage all software maintenance and upgrades as part of the service.

ContentWise collects information from two different sources to provide recommendations. Firstly the system takes information from all users (previous views and/or explicit ratings) and recommends items based on ratings from other users who have similar tastes, using Collaborative Filtering. The rating process is based on feedback from users via opinions of content or their interaction with the system. Secondly it applies Content-based Filtering based on the content meta-data e.g. actor, director, producer. This is then put through a proprietary algorithm to come up with weighted recommendations for that user based on his preferences. The operator can also add business rules to this, such as promoting certain content to meet strategic marketing objectives or maximise revenue. The operator can base recommendations on the individual and hence giving each user an enriched tailor-made experience. This works especially well where there are multiple users in a household who each use their own account. With the SaaS edition IPTV and WebTV-VOD providers will be able to integrate their systems using the APIs within ContentWise. Providers will have their own ContentWise instance securely hosting their data at Neptuny's data centres which enables them to provide real-time recommendations and target advertising.

Key Features:
- Recommendations: ContentWise can make recommendations for VOD and nVOD content, TV Channels, TV programs and programs for Personal Video Recorder as well as suggestions for targeted advertising. The system will provide each user with a personalised view ensuring that the content they would want to see is easy to find as well as helping the operator source the right content for them.
- Rating Process: ContentWise collects feedback from the user. The user can either rate a film after watching it or the system will collect information about whether the user watched the whole film or stopped it before it has finished. This will then be used to recommend content to other users who have similar taste as well as helping the operator decide what content to buy.
- Advanced "Business Rules": Operators can add additional filtering to the recommendations; these can include parental control filters to stop adult content being viewed as well as advertising based on a customer's profile. The operator can also recommend certain content which they need to push by adding ad-hoc business rules.
- Business Reporting: ContentWise offers online and offline reporting; these reports can assist the operator in content buying by analysing what their customers would like to purchase as well as feedback from the users experience so that the operator can enhance their service to increase customer satisfaction.
- Easy Implementation: Contentwise SaaS Edition integrates with the providers system using APIs. Providers will have their own ContentWise instance holding their data, which will be hosted by Neptuny. The IPTV provider will not have to buy and manage any additional hardware themselves as well as manage all software maintenance and upgrades. Neptuny will also provide strong authentication and security mechanisms to protect the provider's data as part of the service.

At the IPTV World Forum, Neptuny will also be demonstrating Caplan-IPTV Edition and ToughStream Server. Caplan-IPTV edition isa decision support, reporting and capacity-planning platform that enables proactive decision-making in IPTV ecosystems based on real data. The ToughStream Server, jointly developed by Neptuny and Digital Fountain, is the IPTV Industry's first stand-alone server solution for improving Quality of Service. The server-based software solution dramatically improves quality of service for IPTV providers. ToughStream Server is a stand-alone, enterprise class software solution that can be installed on a standard server within an operators IPTV head-end, protecting the entire network against packet loss, the leading cause of IPTV customer complaints.

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