Infinity Classia Series Loudspeakers Begin Shipping

Infinity Systems is now shipping its Infinity Classia Series loudspeakers, four high-performance models that combine elegant styling with exceptional sonic accuracy and versatile installation options. The loudspeakers feature slim, elegantly proportioned enclosures with curved and contoured design elements, and incorporate advanced technologies including patented Infinity Ceramic Metal Matrix Diaphragm (CMMD) drivers.

Models in the Infinity Classia Series include the C205 bookshelf loudspeaker, C336 floorstanding speaker, CC225 wall-mountable center channel speaker and C255ES wall-mountable surround loudspeaker with selectable monopole/bipole/dipole/dual-speaker operation.

All the drivers in Infinity Classia Series loudspeakers incorporate Infinity CMMD driver technology. CMMD drivers are manufactured by anodizing a ceramic compound to an aluminum core to produce driver diaphragms of ultralow mass and ultrahigh rigidity, yielding exceptional resolution and transient response.

Infinity Classia Series loudspeakers feature a CMMD tweeter with frequency response to beyond 40kHz, providing clear and detailed high-frequency reproduction. The tweeter operates with a patent-pending Constant Acoustic Impedance (CAI) waveguide to provide optimal high-frequency dispersion and smoothness. Infinity Classia Series loudspeakers offer natural vocal and instrumental reproduction, wide dynamic range and precise imaging.

Infinity Classia loudspeakers offer a host of placement options, including on a wall, floor or shelf. The loudspeakers are available in high-gloss black and cherry-wood veneer finishes, both accented by silver and black trim, and include black grilles.

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