Samsung's GDDR4 Boosts Performance of PowerColor HD 3870 X2

Samsung Electronics is supplying its fastest GDDR4 graphics memory to TUL Corporation, a supplier of AMD graphics cards under the PowerColor brand, for the new PowerColor HD 3870 X2 video card.

The use of the ultra-fast memory enables the PowerColor HD 3870 X2 to produce exceptionally smooth animated movement, making video games incredibly more realistic than was even possible a year ago.

Clocked at 1126MHz, Samsung GDDR4 memory is being shipped on the PowerColor 3870 X2 in a 16Mb x32 configuration, with a total capacity of 1GByte.

The new video card also boasts built-in Dual HD 3870 GPUs from AMD that have a core speed of 825MHz. This combination of leading-edge graphics memory and state-of-the-art GPUs dramatically improves the performance of the original PowerColor, making it among the fastest in the industry.

Besides offering advanced imagery and performance, the new PowerColor HD card further enhances the gaming experience with 640 (320x2) stream processing units and a 2X256-bit memory interface.

Samsung GDDR4 is 70 percent faster than the graphics memory used in today's gaming consoles.

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