GyPSii Now Available on the iPhone

GyPSii is now available on the iPhone Apple's high-end mobile device. The iPhone has shipped more than five million units worldwide since its launch in 2007.

The new web-based GyPSii iPhone application integrates its multiple services into a single interface, making it easy for users to enjoy a wide range of new and exciting location-based features and services, along with social networking all using the fluid, intuitive touch-screen user interface of the iPhone.

GyPSii also confirmed that it would produce a "native" version of its application using Apple's Software Developer Kit (SDK) which is scheduled to be launched later this week, providing seamless access for all Apple users, from the desktop, to the iPhone.

GyPSii CEO, Dan Harple, said he didn't want iPhone users who were keen social networkers to have to wait any longer for the only social networking platform specifically designed for location-enabled mobile phones to be available for their handset.

"We'll work with the SDK as soon as it becomes available", he said, "and then we will be uniquely offering both web and native versions of our application for iPhone users."

GyPSii is taking advantage of its extensible product architecture enabling use of technologies (like Apple's Safari) to make its advanced, geo-location features possible on the iPhone. In supporting these advances in web technology, GyPSii delivers an optimal location-based experience on a mobile device, or on a desktop computer, or even via a set-top box.

Some of the new GyPSii for iPhone features enabled include:
- Improved UI: The application provides users a desk-top-like web experience that is easier to activate, navigate and use via Apple's intuitive touch-screen.
- Expanded People/Places layout: GyPSii users can have easy access to complete information on their favourite people and places that appear on the iPhone. Users simply choose their favourite People or Places, bringing up all relevant information such as proximity, details and their position on a map, all on one continuous screen. Users can also access one click dialling to phone People and Places.
- Integrated directions from the mapping interface. Users can navigate to and from their favourite People and Places.
- Improved location based search: Users can search by proximity using new easy to use categories for both People and Places.
- Seamless user interface menus which take advantage of the progressive touch screen interface that comes with the iPhone.

iPhone owners can use GyPSii to create and share experiences; photos, videos, audio and other content in real-time with friends, family and other network members, wherever they are in the world. Users can also search and locate people and places, as well access directions, maps and information on Points-of-Interest (POIs) - both in their immediate area and worldwide as well.

The addition of the iPhone to GyPSii's list of compatible handsets follows hard on the heels of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona where the combination of Location-based services with mobile technologies, and the GyPSii application in particular, seized widespread industry attention.

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