Velti Rolls Out Mobile Marketing Platform 4.0

Velti has launched version 4.0 of its Mobile Marketing Platform (MMP 4.0) at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This latest version features enhanced advertising and marketing templates enabling Velti's customers to reach consumers through new interactive mobile mediums including mobile communities, games and applications.

Building on more than seven years of experience in mobile advertising technology development, MMP 4.0 allows advertisers and operators to create campaigns that offer consumers a unique mobile marketing experience rather than simply putting adverts in front of eyeballs.

Loyalty schemes, mobile coupons, social networks and other interactive templates can now be easily designed, deployed and measured giving marketers new ways to reach customers through their mobile phones and other portable devices.

Velti's founding principal for its technology platform is to offer enhanced interactivity with end users, taking mobile advertising and marketing beyond the banner ad and other Internet advertising staples. MMP 4.0 enables advertisers to develop more sophisticated SMS and MMS campaigns offering integration with online games and social networks that allow mobile communication.

MMP 4.0 also includes a new version of the Personalization Engine, capable of retrieving and processing real time data from consumer behaviour resulting in real-time dynamic segmentation and user-targeting. This advanced facility results in phenomenal response rates to campaigns, such as in the campaign developed with mobile operator MTEL on a short code competition led to the country's most successful mobile campaign with over 12.5m messages from a subscriber base of just 4.5m.

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