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Digistore Solutions announces that's Music Collector and Movie Collector software now provide fully integrated support for Digistore's Centurion CD disc storage system.

When used in conjunction with the software, customers can link CD and/or DVD discs in their databases to slots within the Centurion CD, use the program's browse and search features to find the disc they are searching for, and automatically rotate and eject desired discs. The software can even keep track of the exact location of movies and music when multiple Centurion CD devices are linked together. Music Collector 8.1 and Movie Collector 5.4 are the latest versions of the company's line of cataloging software that allow customers to catalog their entire media collections. Catalog your CD and DVD collection automatically and download information like artist, title, release year, genre and cover images. Browse, search, print or export your collection to a website or iPod and take a list with you to the store to prevent duplicate purchases.

Digistore Solutions Centurion CD is an intelligent disc storage system, providing users with a 100-disc capacity per unit. By stacking multiple units, users can manage as many as 127,000 discs from a single-user interface, enabling the safest and most convenient method of data storage and retrieval. Centurion CD offers quick and simple loading of optical media with easy access to large inventories of data and multimedia information. Proprietary software offers a list of all currently stored discs while an built in keyword search capability provides access to information with only partial file names needed. Internet connectivity can be used to catalog files. Password protection restricts rights of use to only those people who are supposed to have access to information.

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