Proventus Technologies Introduces DCollector

Proventus Technologies announces the release of DCollector, the first dynamic data collection tool that enables the efficient collection of defect data, while increasing its accuracy and quality. DCollector uses PCB's CAD data in order to provide the PCB layout to the QC inspector on the computer screen, allowing an easy and fast identification of the faulty component on the board.

Despite the common use of automatic advanced technologies such as AOI, ICT, boundary scan and others, the process of Visual Manual Inspection (VMI) including the examination and correction of faults in production lines could not yet be replaced. Most factories that apply VMI processes today, lack proper supporting tools that can provide them with the correct defect data while simultaneously monitoring the productivity of inspectors. By using DCollector the inspector obtains the ability to easily locate faulty components on the computer screen. The DCollector locates the faulty component and highlights it for the inspector, which makes it easier for him to find the defect on the PCB and to correct it by soldering or replacing it. Following the correction the inspector can create a report about the action, which is then collected in a database. This allows tracing back faulty boards to inspectors who fail to identify or fix the defect.

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