Panasonic Introduces Lumix DMC-FX30 Digital Camera

Panasonic has introduced the new Lumix DMC-FX30 compact digital still camera, the successor to the DMC-FX07. The 7.2 megapixel DMC-FX30 is currently the world's slimmest camera available with a 28mm wide-angle Leica DC Vario-Elmarit lens, which allows users to fit more people in a photo when space is tight or to capture beautiful landscapes with sweeping scenery or large structures. The slim downed DMC-FX30 - which is 10-percent smaller than its predecessor - also boasts a 3.6x optical zoom (equivalent to 28-100mm on a 35mm film camera), f/2.8 brightness and a 2.5-inch LCD screen.

When married with the Intelligent Image Stabilization system - which combines MEGA O.I.S (Optical Image Stabilizer) with Intelligent ISO Control - takes the blur out of photos caused by unsteady hands and moving subjects - the camera packs top line features into one of the slimmest form factors available.

Using Leica's advanced lens technology, the DMC-FX30's lens unit is comprised of seven elements in six groups, including five lenses with six aspherical surfaces. Furthermore, in 3-megapixel resolution mode, the Extra Optical Zoom function uses the center part of the CCD to provide additional magnification, extending the zoom power to 5.3x. This advanced lens unit passes Leica's stringent standards and delivers exceptional optical performance.

With the incorporation of Intelligent ISO Control, Panasonic is the first in the industry to fight motion blur that can occur when a subject moves as the photo is being snapped. The Intelligent Image Stabilization system detects whether or not the subject is moving and automatically raises the ISO setting accordingly, allowing the camera to shoot at a higher shutter speed when needed. With the combination of Intelligent ISO Control and MEGA O.I.S., Panasonic has equipped its entire line of cameras with the industry's most advanced countermeasures against blurring. In addition, the camera accepts large capacity SDHC memory cards, giving the user more flexibility in shooting and recording. The DMC-FX30 also incorporates a wide variety of scene modes for different situations including the new Pet and Sunset modes. These modes take advantage of the Intelligent ISO Control to fight against unexpected motion and give the user great results.

The DMC-FX30 will be available in silver, black, blue and light brown, each with a specially textured finish that takes best advantage of the color. Intelligently designed and packed with features, the DMC-FX30 adds to the Lumix legacy of delivering advanced digital cameras that capture clear, crisp, beautiful images. The DMC-FX30 will ship in February 2007.

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