Positive Networks Issues PositivePRO Version 3.5

Sometimes, mobile professionals need to access a critical file from their corporate network and there is no laptop or easy access to the Internet available. Using any browser-enabled mobile device, like a cell phone, smart phone, or PDA (such as a Palm Treo or Blackberry), mobile workers can get the files they need using the new PositivePRO 3.5 hosted/managed secure remote access service. PositivePRO 3.5 also plans to be compatible with the new Apple iPhone.

PositivePRO 3.5's handheld access provides true Web-based VPN service anywhere wireless service is offered and is now able to work on handheld devices such as a Sprint 3G device, a Windows Mobile 5 device, Treo 750w, Blackberry, and any cell phone from T-Mobile, Cingular, Motorola Razr, or any phone with a web browser for greater access options. The Web-based VPN service, WebTop, automatically adapts to handheld device browsers to deliver secure access to email, file shares, and intranet sites for mobile workers.

PositivePRO 3.5 for handhelds provides users a number of features and benefits also available with the regular laptop version of the client, including antivirus integration and help desk support.

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