'The Perfect Pointe Book' for Young Dancers Released

A new resource in the education of young dancers was launched this week - and promises to put specific exercises and testing tools essential to a dancers safe progression into pointe shoes, once exclusively available in private therapy sessions with a Specialized Dance Physical Therapist, within the reach of every young dancer.

Called "The Perfect Pointe Book", this dancing companion was designed by Lisa Howell, a Dance (Physiotherapist) Physical Therapist based in Sydney Australia. Her company, Perfect Form Physiotherapy has developed a unique system of preparing girls for the demands of pointe work, which will enable any aspiring dancer to dramatically accelerate the development of the mobility, strength and knowledge needed to progress on to pointe shoes safely.

Lisa is a respected practitioner, well known in local dancing circles for her dramatic results with young dancers and professionals alike. She is passionate about the education of dancers and their relationship with their own body, not only to prevent injury, but to extend the boundaries of what each dancer believes is possible.

The 'Perfect Pointe Book' is a 124 page downloadable 'e-book' manual. It takes the girls systematically though a series of tests and exercises, organised into four easy stages, and is rapidly finding its way into the eager hands of the worldwide online dance community.

Each stage has at least two tests for the dancer to complete, with clear photographs and a check-list to ensure all parts of the test are performed correctly. The tests are followed by detailed descriptions of what each weakness identified may mean, and a program of exercises, all beautifully illustrated, that address each of these areas. The focus is on education, including the anatomy of each area, as well as exactly why strength in that area is so vital. Lisa has also created a free weekly Dancers Newsletter, to answer any specific questions dancers may have in relation to pointe work, or any other dance related topics.

To learn more about 'The Perfect Pointe Book' and Lisa's free Dancers Newsletter, visit herwebsite.

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