Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007 Are Coming

On January 30 the most significant product launch in Microsoft's history culminates in the release to consumers of the Windows Vista operating system and Microsoft Office 2007. Starting January, 30, these two flagship products will be available in more than 70 countries, in 19 languages (with 99 languages anticipated by the end of the year), and at more than 39,000 retail stores and online. The launch marks the achievement of an unprecedented collaboration between Microsoft and its customers and partners, and ushers in an era in which personal computing is easier, safer and more enjoyable than ever before.

Windows Vista and the latest release of Microsoft Office feature dramatic graphic enhancements to the interface that make the desktop more visually exciting and significantly easier to use. With simple and intuitive tools, consumers can easily create and share digital documents, photos, music and videos, participate in digital communities, and play online and offline games.

With Windows Vista, consumers will be able to experience all kinds of entertainment from television to video games to music and movies how and when they want. Keeping in touch with family, friends and colleagues using e-mail, voice recording or video will be richer and more convenient. Redesigned user interfaces will increase productivity and ease of use, helping consumers and small businesses produce documents from a marketing plan to a child's birthday invitation that look better and are more professional in less time. Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007 will continue to improve access to information with new tools that make it easy to find the right piece of information be it an e-mail message, image, note or media clip no matter where it is stored.

The new versions of Windows and Microsoft Office also deliver advances in family safety by empowering parents to better manage and monitor their children's PC and Internet activities. With a few simple clicks in the new Windows Vista Parental Controls center, parents can manage and monitor PC and Internet access, and decide what kinds of TV, music and games are appropriate for their children. Security is also more robust in the new releases. Features such as Windows Defender help protect consumers against attacks from spyware and malicious Web sites, while other enhancements help safeguard personal information. In Microsoft Office 2007, Document Inspector helps clean personal information, comments and hidden text from documents, so families can share their documents with confidence.

The consumer launch of Windows Vista is also expected to unleash a flood of new next-generation hardware, software and entertainment devices and services. Currently, more than 1.5 million devices and peripherals are on the market that work with Windows Vista, including more than 2, 500 that are Certified for Windows Vista. In addition, thousands of PC manufacturers and system builders around the globe will deliver the Windows Vista operating system and Microsoft Office 2007 on new PCs.

Microsoft also kicks off its global television, Web, and out-of-home and theater advertising campaigns encouraging people to see the "wow" of Windows Vista. The global campaign will reflect the exciting possibilities that Windows Vista will deliver to customers around the world.

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