Reality Mobile Launches RealityVision

Reality Mobile has announced the general release of its RealityVision software product. RealityVision allows organizations to respond immediately to critical events by remotely and proactively enabling live video streams and other data to be created and shared using devices as simple as common mobile phones and networks as prevalent as the cellular networks.

The RealityVision system includes server software to receive and process the data traffic, a management console to control and visualize the data traffic and client software that turns a Palm OS, Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0, or Win32 device into a participant in the system. RealityVision also lets the customer make available any of its existing fixed cameras for remote viewing and control by its users.

Product Features. Among other benefits, the RealityVision system allows:
- Initiating Live Video Streams. Push a single button to stream live video from the mobile phone or other client device. The incoming video can be viewed simultaneously by any other user in the system. The organization can also remotely cause other users to display all or part of the incoming video stream automatically.
- Sharing Data. Organizations can remotely cause one or more users to automatically display a text message, still photo, satellite image or other data.
- Tracking Users. Transmit changing geospatial coordinates, allowing the organization to view incoming video feeds with separate maps or superimposed over satellite imagery for deeper context.
- Viewing Fixed Cameras. Users can connect remotely to any fixed camera in the system (and, if authorized, control that camera's movements), or the organization can remotely cause any user to connect automatically to that camera.
- Silent Alarm. Push a single button on the client device to send a silent alarm for immediate assistance. If the device has a camera, it will automatically start to stream video as well to give the organization better context as to what might be happening.
- Command and Control. Remotely assume control over any of the client devices in the system — including mobile devices, PCs and laptops—and direct those devices to take specific actions for the purpose of remotely influencing events.
- Rapid Deployment. Users can walk into any wireless store, purchase a supported device and download the client software wirelessly to be a full participant in the system in a matter of minutes.
- Customer Results. RealityVision had its first field test at last year's Super Bowl in Detroit, where FBI field agents used the software extensively to help secure the event and provided invaluable feedback on the product.

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