AMD and Microsoft Collaboration Enables Windows Vista Experience

AMD details the hardware and supporting software technologies to deliver the highest levels of performance, stability and application compatibility for Microsoft Windows Vista users. Based on a collaboration between Microsoft and AMD, Windows Vista harnesses AMD silicon and software to deliver truly immersive computing experiences, new tools for creating and sharing multimedia content and enhanced capabilities for locating and securing data. AMD and Microsoft have worked closely and continue to collaborate on Windows Vista development and requirements to bring hardware and software benefits together for our mutual customers. In addition, AMD64 processor-based systems were one of the platforms on which Windows Vista was developed, built, tested and optimized.

Steve Ballmer, CEO, Microsoft, said: "AMD has invested heavily in hardware and software innovations so that consumers can enjoy new experiences that take full advantage of the breakthrough capabilities that Windows Vista delivers. From day one, AMD has played a key role in helping us design and validate the new driver model at the heart of Windows Vista. That knowledge has led to the development of extremely stable, feature-rich high-performance software drivers and hardware that really showcase the full power of the new Windows operating system."

AMD has worked closely with Microsoft for more than four years to ensure broad availability of optimized hardware and software solutions for Windows Vista at launch. AMD's mainstream multi-core and 64-bit microprocessor technology and advanced graphics solutions provide consumers with superior performance, stability and compatibility for Windows Vista, along with a stunning visual experience.

The results of the AMD-Microsoft collaboration continue today with the immediate availability of ATI Catalyst 7.1, AMD's graphics driver optimized for Windows Vista. ATI Catalyst 7.1 for Windows Vista:
- was developed in close collaboration with Microsoft and is an evolution of AMD source code found in the default graphics drivers in Windows Vista;
- enables PC users to view next generation Blu-ray and HD DVD titles when used in conjunction with AMD hardware and appropriate playback software; and
- provides optimized performance for 3D applications and games.

Independent benchmarks demonstrate that ATI Catalyst 7.1 for Vista delivers one of the most stable graphics experiences available with high performance and broad application support.

ATI Catalyst 7.1 for Windows Vista is the most recent example of AMD's ongoing commitment to work with fellow industry leaders to deliver high-quality computing experiences for the widest audience possible. AMD has long championed industry collaboration to deliver advanced technologies which integrate to deliver outstanding Windows Vista experiences:
- 2002: As the former ATI, AMD's Graphics and Media business unit collaborated with Microsoft to jointly develop optimized graphics solutions for Windows Vista.
- 2003: AMD introduced AMD64 technology, offering advanced capabilities including Direct Connect Architecture, hardware-level Enhanced Virus Protection, and 64-bit x86 processors fully compatible with existing 32-bit software, enabling a seamless transition to more powerful 64-bit computing.
- 2005: AMD unveils the industry's first simultaneous 32- and 64-bit native dual core x86 processors for multi-tasking performance that allow users to quickly switch from one program to another, reducing annoying processing pauses.
- 2006: AMD unveils the advanced AMD Quad FX Platform with Dual Socket Direct Connect Architecture, providing the ultimate two-socket solution for Windows Vista with a two socket upgrade path to eight cores for mega-tasking enthusiasts.
- 2007: Systems that feature AMD's Better by Design label incorporate high-performance and energy-efficient AMD64 dual-core processors, superior graphics and wireless network performance, and other superior technologies that meet and exceed the demands of even the most advanced Windows Vista applications.
- 2007: ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner announced, providing the only way to view premium HD digital cable TV content on Windows Vista based PCs.

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