Cambridge Technology Firms Are Best Placed to Tackle It Skills Shortage Challenge, According to Red Gate Software

Technology-based companies in Cambridge are better placed than most when it comes to dealing with IT skills shortages in the UK, according to Red Gate Software, the database development tools specialist.

Red Gate Software, based at the St John's Innovation Centre in Cambridge, believes that because of the area's focus on technology and science, the continuing dearth of skilled IT staff will not affect companies in Cambridge in the same way that it might affect companies operating in other regions across the UK.

Anthony Jenkins, Recruitment Manager at Red Gate Software explained:
"At the beginning of 2006 we had extremely ambitious recruitment plans, but because of Cambridge's reputation as a centre of excellence for science and technology we've managed to hire over 35 people in the last year and double our staff numbers. Most of the positions filled were technical roles such as software developers and testers. We are still recruiting for software engineers and usability specialists, but the fact is we were able to meet last year's recruitment challenge by drawing on the pool of good talent available from the Cambridge area a feat we probably wouldn't have achieved in such a short space of time had we been based in another part of the country."

He added: "Cambridge is well positioned to beat the threat of a shortage of skilled IT workers in the UK. The city has grown to be an area where science and technology thrive, and this is mainly down to the availability of skilled people and the draw of technology firms operating in close proximity."

Because Cambridge is sometimes compared to Silicon Valley in The States, and has a world renowned university, its focus on technology and science has always attracted like minded companies and individuals to the area. Red Gate Software has found that this base of knowledge, skills and opportunity has formed a good foundation for skilled IT workers to flourish, while new and existing companies in the area continue to create opportunities for specialists working in the industry.

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