Latest Kaseya IT Managed Services Software Supports Windows Vista

Kaseya has announced availability of the latest version of its Kaseya IT managed service software with extended support for Microsoft operating systems, including Microsoft Vista. In addition to Vista support, this 4.7 release of Kaseya's IT management software delivers systems monitoring alerts to mobile devices and support for 64-bit Microsoft operating systems among many other enhancements.

Developed for managed service providers, companies providing IT outsourcing services and corporate IT organizations, the Kaseya managed service framework is a new generation of managed services software that provides an integrated, automated & remote systems management solution with a complete view of the IT environment.

Version 4.7 of the Kaseya software allows IT administrators to extend the power of automated IT service delivery to workstations running Microsoft Windows Vista. This capability ensures Kaseya customers have everything they need to manage Windows environments that include Microsoft Vista. Kaseya also has expanded its system management support to include the 64-bit versions of Windows XP and Windows 2003.

In addition to its expanded Microsoft support, Kaseya has added functionality to its Managed Services Automation software to help customers streamline their IT management needs and increase systems reliability and availability.

- Multi-Lingual Support Kaseya will support its global growth by localizing its software for various countries over the year starting with Spanish language support.
- Mobile Access and Management Allows administrators to handle issues anytime, anywhere and greatly improve response time and customer service. Trouble tickets are delivered to a mobile device so that administrators can securely view, update and respond to the issue through the mobile device interface.
- Enhanced Remote Access - Defines remote access policies by administrator or remote computer along with end-user notification, approval. Logging of the start, end, duration, administrator and reason for accessing the remote computer.
- Enhanced Security Management Expanded support and automation for patching Microsoft operating systems and applications such as Vista, Exchange Server and Office.

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