Unify Announces Gupta Team Developer 5.0

Unify has announced the immediate availability of Team Developer 5.0. The latest version of the cross-platform rapid application development tool allows partners and customers to develop and deploy UNICODE-enabled applications natively on Windows and Linux systems, broadening their market potential and enabling the expansion into the fast developing Asian and Eastern European economies that rely on Linux systems. The new version of Team Developer also introduces a complete new look and feel for applications using the latest user interface design standards.

Improving and modernizing the user interface helps to increase productivity and acceptance of the deployed application by end users. Team Developer 5.0 introduces many new predefined styles that allow developers and end-users to choose the display style of their liking. The new version introduces many new GUI features that display data in an easy to understand fashion so end-users can make better use of the presented data. Team Developer 5.0 offers enhanced and powerful ActiveX control integration giving developers the capability to add the latest user interface controls or to add special functionality such as controls that drive production equipment. Team Developer 5.0 is backwards code compatible, ensuring the re-deployment of existing applications built with previous versions of Team Developer, including COM Server business code. Developers can also develop and maintain a single source code line that can be deployed on both Windows and/or Linux.

Team Developer 5.0 is the first version that supports native business desktop applications on the Linux platform, giving ISVs and corporate customers the choice of which operating system they or their customers want to use.

Team Developer 5.0 provides a new development environment that, while similar to past versions of Team Developer, improves usability with a modern look and feel. Report Builder, included in Team Developer 5.0, has been enhanced and is easier to use, enabling developers to customize the environment using their favorite display style. Report Builder is an easy to use, dynamic reporting tool that enables on-demand report creation to improve business intelligence. For organizations searching for tools to transform data into valuable information to enable better decision-making, Report Builder delivers on the advantage of working smarter and more effectively. Report Builder 5.0 is also available as a standalone product that runs natively on Windows and Linux.

Both Team Developer and Report Builder 5.0 offer native cross platform database connectivity to GUPTA SQLBase, Oracle, MySQL and Sybase ASE, with OLEDB and ODBC connectivity to SQL Server on Windows. Originally developed for Windows, Team Developer is now available for both Windows and Linux platforms, offering superior development speed and full cross-platform support, providing customers with the opportunity to choose which operating system they prefer.

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