Dell Ushers in New Era of Digital Lifestyle with Windows Vista

Dell announces that last weekend it began taking orders for Dell desktop and notebook computers pre-loaded with Microsoft Windows Vista. Dell has spent more than 100,000 engineer-hours testing and validating the new operating system and is ready to help customers combine the latest developments in software and hardware for an outstanding personal technology experience. There have been many technological advances since the last Windows upgrade more than five years ago. Combining Windows Vista with powerful dual- or quad-core processors, more memory, rich graphics, wide aspect displays and larger hard drives can help customers harness the power of the new operating system.

Dell systems equipped with Windows Vista are designed to deliver a rich digital lifestyle experience, combined with secure operations and ease of use. For example, customers can easily record and watch high definition video, organize digital photo and music libraries, quickly search data and multimedia files and browse the Internet with excellent protection from spyware and phishing scams.

Whether customers are buying new systems from Dell or updating existing ones, Dell's customer contact centers are ready to answer questions and help enable a great customer experience. To optimize Windows Vista, Dell recommends customers consider systems configured with dual-core or quad-core processors, more memory (2GB memory for optimal performance), a dedicated graphics card with 256 MB of memory or more and large hard drives.

Dell works with Microsoft and other partners on an ongoing basis to make the computing experience faster, easier and better. With Windows Vista, for example:
- Engineers have logged more than 100,000 hours testing and validating the software on Dell hardware.
- Dell has experimented with more than 500,000 different product configurations to help ensure the combinations work.
- Sales and technical support employees have spent more than 215,000 hours in training to make sure customers purchase the right systems that will take full advantage of the new operating system and help customers with questions as they transition to Windows Vista.

The initial rollout of Windows Vista-installed systems will be in English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese. Additional languages will be available in the weeks ahead.

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