LiveTime Software Releases LiveTime Express 4.0

LiveTime Software has announced the release of LiveTime Express 4.0, a new addition to the LiveTime family. LiveTime Express is specifically designed to assist SME organizations that want to gradually adopt ITIL best practices for help desk and customer support using LiveTime's technology platform.

Typically, SME organizations do not have the resources enterprise organizations possess, although they face many of the same service desk issues. LiveTime Software has addressed this situation with the provision of its secure "out-of-the-box" Web 2.0 Help Desk solution. Based on LiveTime's groundbreaking Service Manager platform, LiveTime Express provides access to ITIL compliant Incident Management and Configuration Management modules built around an enterprise Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

LiveTime Express ships standard with a range of Help Desk features and an intuitive installation wizard. With a self-contained web server and relational database built-in, very little effort is required to setup and configure Express. Users simply double click the installer, apply the activation code and they are ready to begin.

LiveTime recognizes the need for SMEs to readily expand with limited resources and eases the migration from the Express product to a full-scale Service Management solution such as LiveTime Help Desk or Service Manager. LiveTime Express also includes basic Service Level Agreements, Service Catalogs, Customer Portal, Knowledge Base and Reporting. LiveTime Express allows SMEs to start with the very best Incident and Configuration management tool, without the complexity and costs often associated with Service Desk rollouts.

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