Wii News Channel Launched by AP and Nintendo

by Barney Powerhead

As the options for news multiply, Nintendo is putting a simple solution for straight news right in the palm of your hand - in the form of the Wii Remote. The News Channel, free to Wii owners, will debut on the console's Wii Menu beginning January 27. Using the international resources of the Associated Press, the News Channel gives you key stories in multiple categories from across the country and around the world. The simple user interface allows Wii owners to spin a virtual globe and point to the location of a news event using the Wii Remote.

Stories will be listed under headings including Business, Sports, Arts/Entertainment, Technology and Science/Health to allow users to quickly access information in the order they want. At any given time, dozens of stories might be available for each category. In the global view, stories can be grouped by region instead of category. Icons show which stories have been read, which stories are text-only and which ones come with news photos. Because Wii caters to all different ages, the interface allows users to change the size of the text. By using the "always-on" system functionality of WiiConnect24, stories will be updated frequently, even while owners are sleeping.

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