Alltel Wireless Changes the Face of Wireless Phones with Celltop

Alltel Wireless has announced the launch of Celltop, an exclusive, patent-pending technology that offers customers an easier way to access, manage and organize a wide range of information already available on their Alltel Wireless phones. Celltop gives customers more control over their wireless experience through a unique and fully customizable technology similar to the desktop on a personal computer.

Now available on select Alltel Wireless handsets, and on all new phones by late-2007, Celltop is free-of-charge and features 10 "cells" that come pre-installed and via download. Each cell is a category-specific half screen comprised of graphics and text that provides shortcuts for wireless users to navigate through information and applications including: call log, weather, news, baseball, basketball, football, rodeo, stocks, text messaging inbox and ringtones.

As part of Celltop's extensive array of customization options, users can also modify the appearance, presentation and organization of information within each cell. Users will be able to further customize their Celltop experience through a wide variety of new cells that Alltel will roll out in the coming months via its Axcess Shop. Similar to "widgets" on a personal computer, Celltop is open to the developer community, providing unlimited user expandability of new and unique cells.

Alltel worked closely with creative consultancy frog design to conceptualize, style, and implement the Celltop technology, maximizing the user experience across mobile devices.

Celltop's unique technology, built on Qualcomm's BREW uiOne platform, also makes it easier for Alltel customers to access and manage information. Alltel has teamed with Motricity, a leading provider of mobile content services and solutions, to provide content from the most established and respected names in the industry. For example, the news cell allows users to view top news stories and breaking news from the Associated Press; the weather cell, with content provided by AccuWeather, displays the latest conditions in the user's location of choice including current readings and five-day forecasts; the football, basketball and baseball cells, with information provided by STATS, deliver live scores and stats from the teams and players that are of most importance; and the stock cell provides information on stocks that are of interest to the customer.

Additionally, Celltop debuts an innovative ringtone management cell that allows users to seamlessly scroll through ringtones they've already purchased or browse and buy new tones all on the same screen. The ringtone cell also provides the ability to toggle through ringtones with a single tap making it easier than ever for customers to personalize their wireless phone.

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