OtterBox 1930 and 1931 Rugged Cases for BlackBerry Handsets

Otter Products is rolling out the OtterBox 1930 and 1931 cases designed for BlackBerry handsets. These rugged cases accommodate BlackBerry handsets from Research In Motion, allowing access to phone and data functions right through the case. The OtterBox 1930 fits the BlackBerry 8700 Series and the OtterBox 1931 model fits the BlackBerry 7200 Series handsets. Cases provide a water-resistant access to keypad, scroll wheel, escape button, power button, mute button and programmable side button. Constructed of a polycarbonate/ABS shell for maximum strength and durability, cases provide grip and drop protection with innovative rubber overmolding.

LCD remains protected from scratches and drop damage with a rigid screen cover and Donaldson acoustic membrane vents allow sound transmission while keeping the case sealed. Easy open plug provides access to sync/charge jack and headphone jack. Molded rubber inside the cases cradles the BlackBerry handset and an innovative o-ring seals it from exposure. Otter's recently designed compound (lockable) latch provides easy opening and secure closing. Both the 1930 and 1931 have a MIL-STD 810F rating for drop and shock and an IP54 rating for heavy rain and dust intrusion. Cases available in black with grey rubber. Dimensions for the OtterBox 1930 are 4.85 in (123 mm) long by 3.36 in (85 mm) wide and 1.46 in (37 mm) thick (not including latch) or 1.73 in (44 mm) thick (including latch). Case weighs 0.5 lb (.23 kg). The OtterBox 1931 measures 4.85 in (123 mm) long by 3.60 in (85 mm) wide and 1.54 in (37 mm) thick (not including latch) or 1.80 in (44 mm) thick (including latch). Case weighs 0.5 lb (.23 kg).

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