Informative Graphics Forms Avolve Software

Informative Graphics announces that the company has formed Avolve Software as a wholly owned subsidiary. Avolve Software will be dedicated to developing and marketing its ProjectDox communication and process management platform to firms in the architecture, engineering and construction marketplace. Additionally, the software gives local governments a time-saving, paperless approach to construction permitting and plan-check processes.

"Our success to date with ProjectDox and our desire to focus more completely on the product mission triggered our decision to form Avolve", said Ron Loback, president and CEO for the new subsidiary. Loback added that customers who have come to know and trust IGC will be pleased to learn that Avolve is still integrally connected to the parent company, which is a leader in format-neutral content visualization. "Avolve will focus on delivering the ability for AEC firms and local governments to transition to best-in-class online solutions that feature advanced visual communication and process administration tools", he added.

Loback said ProjectDox is a valuable asset to any firm in the AEC market. The software enables all parties involved in a project to access critical information immediately and communicate more efficiently. ProjectDox helps designers, architects, engineers, developers, managers, suppliers and owners collaborate by working to improve project and document management, team communication and workflow automation.

Some of the benefits ProjectDox brings to AEC firms include:
- All project information is stored within ProjectDox instead of on computers or in filing cabinets in multiple locations;
- ProjectDox customers own the software, so there are no online service subscription fees;
- The program allows for an unlimited number of users and an unlimited amount of data storage;
- Electronic forms and a Web-based workflow automate RFIs, submittals, approvals and any other document process, virtually eliminating bottlenecks and dramatically increasing efficiency;
- E-mail notifications alert users when changes are made;
- The software automatically keeps records for risk-management purposes;
- ProjectDox is extremely easy to use everyone adapts easily;
- This software leads to immediate cost savings in the form of the ability to reallocate staff resources, reduced transaction costs, a decreased number of RFIs, reduced hard storage requirements and reduced discovery costs.

Avolve is also marketing ProjectDox to planning departments in city/county governments across the country. The main benefit this software brings to city/county governments is the replacement of manual, paper-based processes with electronic and automated plan-check capabilities. ProjectDox enables citizens to submit construction plans via a local government's Web site, and then the planning team can review the documents electronically and submit changes without ever printing a piece of paper, which contributes to many cities' paperless initiatives.

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